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“Our strength is in converting initial research initiatives into novel medical treatments by leveraging Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s abilities, facilities, and expertise for the advancement of medical science and the benefit of the patients.”


Shaare Zedek Scientific Ltd. (Mada’it) is the research and innovation arm of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem’s largest multi-disciplinary facility, which annually treats over 1,000,000 patients across 30 inpatient departments and 70 ambulatory care units. Our goal is to act as an innovation bridge between leading medical research companies and the hospital.

Shaare Zedek Scientific is fully equipped to promote the development and commercialization of novel medical technologies. We work with 1300 different companies, signing more than 600 agreements with industry annually, and have more than 1,000 open studies registered with our ethics committee. Affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, our researchers publish more than 600 peer-reviewed papers in top-tier scientific journals annually. Our team carefully guides this process, from conception to implementation, including identifying and assessing potential new inventions, guiding inventors through the development process, and ultimately transforming initial research initiatives into innovative medical treatments.

Shaare Zedek Medical Center is a 1000-bed facility, supported by a staff of 4,500 employees, that is committed to delivering compassionate medical care while actively pursuing cutting-edge scientific research and technological advancements. Over 35,000 surgeries and approximately 3,000 diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterizations are conducted at the hospital annually. Our Emergency Medicine Department is the largest in Jerusalem and treats 170,000 patients each year. Our maternity departments see over 24,000 deliveries annually, establishing Shaare Zedek as one of the world’s most active maternity hospitals.

Research and Development A central pillar of Shaare Zedek’s vision is to promote the medical field by engaging in research at all levels. This mission has guided Shaare Zedek for nearly 120 years; to advance innovative modes of medical care that embrace new technologies and methods for the benefit of the community we serve. Through the dynamic infrastructure we’ve created, we are well-positioned to expand boundaries to further enhance healthcare science around the world.



Shaare Zedek Scientific’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO) guides the development of diverse technologies, from medical devices to data-based products and diagnostic solutions. Our TTO is fully equipped to promote the development and commercialization of novel medical technologies. Our team guides this process from conception to implementation, including identifying and assessing potential new inventions, ensuring intellectual property protection, guiding inventors through the development process, providing technological support, helping identify and recruit potential funders, and ultimately, commercializing.

Our internally managed R&D fund supports selected projects that have been identified as having relevant potential for commercial and industry success. These projects can receive initial funding for further development and IP protection. We design a strategic plan for each project and convene a team of relevant professionals including programmers, engineers, other specialists, to help build a prototype or achieve proof of concept. We collaborate with inventors from idea conception to commercialization, ensuring that new medical technologies reach those who need them.


Our Clinical Trials Unit actively promotes partnerships between Shaare Zedek Medical Center and the growing community of companies and sponsors carrying out clinical trials. We serve as a hub that connects companies and CROs with principal investigators, study coordinators, ethics committees, pharmacies, and more. Furthermore, our familiarity with common challenges allows us to expedite the regulatory process to quickly obtain any relevant approvals needed. We welcome companies to present new technologies to us, and in turn, provide them with comprehensive support including access to data, samples, patients, medical professionals, and physical testing facilities.

Our Study Coordinators Unit oversees the execution of clinical trials, including submission to an ethics committee, trial initiation, agreement and budget finalization, patient recruitment, eCRF completion, billing follow-ups, and closure of the study.
Streamlined study coordination is critical to running clinical trials efficiently. Our study coordinators work closely with sponsors and principal investigators to ensure the maximum recruitment and smooth execution of every stage of the study.


Our Innovation Center connects commercial companies and startups in the field of digital health with the Medical Center, enabling quick and efficient access to clinical data, biological samples, laboratory facilities, and to our team of physicians and researchers.

In advancing technology, data is crucial. Shaare Zedek Scientific’s Innovation Center provides tech partners with access to vast datasets, functioning as a valuable testing laboratory with data from hundreds of thousands of cases annually.
We enable our partners to evaluate and integrate technologies and solutions in real clinical settings and to perform pilots and build beta-sites for new and experimental technologies within the center and with the help of our staff. We play a key role in development, offering real clinical settings for testing.
For startups engaged in studies, we provide support spanning pilot studies, system deployment, research, clinical validation, and serve as a beta site for health-tech studies.
The Innovation Center focuses on solutions such as personalized healthcare, preventive medicine, digital health, telehealth, and other solutions that seek to shape a better future through groundbreaking healthcare advancements.

With a healthy vision for scientific advancement, achievement, and a commitment to leverage new medical technologies for the betterment of global healthcare, we welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded companies in realizing these ambitious goals.

Data Scientists Unit Our dedicated Data Scientists Unit combines the expertise of seasoned data scientists, data analysts, and IT professionals. The unit specializes in data cleansing, standardization and verification, algorithms, and AI. Our cloud-based platform provides seamless data accessibility and analysis as needed.

The SHAAR Innovation Hub is a collaborative venture between Shaare Zedek Scientific and Arieli Capital. Together with our partners, we facilitate advanced innovation programs and grant access to investment and funding opportunities. SHAAR serves as a gateway between innovation and capital, creating an environment where startups can thrive through strategic financial and professional support. Startups participating in SHAAR’s scale-up program gain access to SZMC’s medical facilities and resources, including laboratories, world-renowned medical experts, and clinical data.

SHAAR also offers a leading co-working space and collaborative community. The hub facilitates advanced innovation programs and access to investment and funding opportunities, providing startups with the resources to turn visionary healthcare ideas into impactful solutions.

We invite you to visit SHAAR’s website to learn more.


Access to Medical Data

ncluding medical imaging files and EMR-tabulated through cloud-based virtual platforms

Full Support

IT, statistical, and research coordination support

Access to Biobanks

Thousands of readily available labeled tissue samples

Clinical Trials

End-to-end support with your study and validation through phase III

Technologies for Licensing

Inventions and solutions through our Technology Transfer Office

Research Labs and Medical Infrastructure

Including genetics, oncology, stem cell research, and more

Consulting Agreements

Consulting services with 1000+ doctors and medical staff


Renana Ofan, Ph.D


Prof. Dan Turner

Chairman, Board of Directors

Guy Cohen, Ph.D., MBA

Head of Innovation Center

Anna Katz

Head of Clinical Trials

Anna Shtern Mellul

Director of Business development, TTO

Stella Michaan

Study Coordinator unit

Tali Katz

Financial Team Lead

Liat Tobi

Office Manager

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